Rebecca from Hebrew Ribhqeh meaning "Connection"

Marie from Hebrew Miryam meaning "Rebellion"


Wild Witch of the West


Astro-priestess. Wild & Wise Woman (aka Witch). Writer.  Lover.
Cosmic Queen. Earth Indigo Starchild.

Rebecca Farrar

I love helping people find their special purpose and place in this magical, enchanted cosmos we call home! Before studying astrology for more than seven years ago, I was huge skeptic. Until I realized astrology isn't about generic horoscope information, the way it is often used today. Instead it is a tool for self-awareness and appreciating complexity. By diving into the sun, moon, & other planets we get a much larger picture of someone's unique gifts & purpose for being here.

My past experience includes studying with archetypal astrologer Rick Tarnas, working as an astrological apprentice, and being a founding member of Burning Man's first astrological camp Cosmicopia. I offer astrological guidance with a down-to-Earth approach utilizing my studies on the evolution of consciousness and psychology (I'm proud of my M.A.);). My readings focus on the asteroids and attempt to increase the client's experience of enchantment and participation with the cosmos.  Sessions are held in San Francisco Bay Area or remotely via Zoom, read praise here.

Pre-astro geek and coming out of the "broom" closet, I worked for more than a decade in PR and marketing and had brief forays as TV reporter, speed dating hostess, spokesmodel, yoga instructor, and world traveler. In 2013, I completed my M.A. at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program. Read my thesis, titled “Stargazing: Re-enchantment Through Language,” that combines philology, consciousness studies, and enchantment with the stars...or read about basic word magic here. (Warning: I will talk your ear off if you ask me about it or you can read a synopsis here.)

When not staring at my transits, or your chart, I can be found wandering Ocean Beach, posting on Instagram, or "force" cuddling my kitty Freyja.  [Photo: In Her Image]

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"Her"storical highlights:

  • Ancestors from Sweden and Poland
  • 0-7 (Saturn at time of birth)
    • Born in Hopewell, Virginia (VA is for lovers!)
    • Moved around a bunch including Texas and Germany
  • 7-14  (Saturn square Saturn phase)
    • Traveled the world with my family including most of Europe and some of Africa
    • Moved to Colorado Springs, CO
    • Had my first crush on my neighbor and got glasses
    • Used my chicken legs to run cross country and play tennis
  • 14-21 (Saturn opposite Saturn phase)
    • Got my first job working in an ice cream store in high school
    • Went to college and joined Delta Zeta  sorority (was QB for said flag football team) and played lacrosse
    • Studied in Paris and Cannes, France
    • Graduated college and received prestigious award
  • 21-28 (Saturn square Saturn phase)
    • Went to work in government
    • Started my first blog
    • Competed in Miss Colorado pageant, then quickly realized I didn't fit in
    • Worked as Jagermeister spokesmodel and speed dating hostess in addition to full-time work in government
    • Quit government job and began working for a film festival and carrying around trash
    • Traveled and lived at an ashram
    • Moved to Denver
    • Met a soulmate and fell in love
    • Got yoga teacher training certificate
  • 28-Now (Saturn Return phase)
    • Moved to San Francisco to start grad school at CIIS, met many soulmates
    • Went to Burning Man a few times
    • Graduated school after finally completing Master's thesis
    • Turned 30 and had a lunar eclipse on my birthday
    • Got my  kitty Freyja
    • Rejoined corporate world
    • Finally left corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship dreams
    • Working as astrologer & writer

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