The Ultimate Un-birthdays: Solar Returns & Progressions

While I'm not a fan of horoscopes and looking at astrology purely from Sun Sign perspective, I do adore birthdays! My birthday (or Earth birth as I call it) was last weekend and I was struck by the popularity of people saying “Happy Solar Return.” I love that astro-speak was making its way around the Interwebs and on my FB wall, though this year my solar return was not on my actual birthday.  I spent far too long clarifying this on my birthday blessings posts and decided it made more sense to just write a blog and enjoy receiving the comments instead of being a know-it-all. 

Easter, Ostara, & (not) Ishtar

It is almost Easter and inevitably this meme will be passed around the Interwebs (if it isn't already). I feel my know-it-all duty to make sure people know it is actually not true, and offer a basic linguistic lesson of why. While I completely understand wanting to elevate past wisdom and correlating it with modern usage, I feel uber annoyed by the spreading of false information (something I am of course also guilty of). Of course it also offers me a momentary usage of my graduate degree and to show off my thesis knowledge.

Emotional Intelligence: Your Moon Sign and You

Emotional intelligence, or EQ or EI for short, became an extra buzzworthy term since this past season of the Bachelor when one contestant accused the other of lacking in it. (And I suppose I just admitted to watching the show as a guilty pleasure.) While the context it was used was somewhat condescending, a very simple of way of thinking about emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and regulate emotions in ourselves in hopes of being able to channel them into something such as our own healing. 

Inner Mean Girl, Bitch, & Leader of the Pack: Aries Moon and Mars-Moon

I will never forget the day when a CEO  of a company I worked for pulled me into this office to say I scared him.  I laughed to myself and giggled with colleagues about it when I left his office, but I couldn’t shake something in me that knew he could have been scared easily by how I was in some ways seemed like I was taking over his company.  I’ve spent a lot of my life tempering my temper and feeling this force field of energy in my being that frightens me as well. I often just pretend it isn’t there until I find myself bulldozing people into something I want or being angry. Though often I if I don’t name my anger on the spot then it shoots out of me in unconscious passive aggressive (ew) darts.

Asteroid Goddesses & Jung's Transcendent Function

When I give astrology readings to clients I often include many asteroids in the chart to confuse people. Just kidding (kind of), I love adding asteroids because to me they expand upon an understanding of someone’s experience and important themes that can be more individual than even the personal planets. In traditional astrology the planets were named by men after men and the feminine was relegated to either mother (Moon) or lover (Venus) or virgin (moon) and whore (Venus). This is the same dilemma and split women and men continue to face today in understanding archetypes of the feminine. However, the four main asteroids (called “Asteroid Goddesses” by astrologer Demetra George) are named after women and to me add a complexity of themes not found in the planets for analyzing a chart (natal or other).