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Courses & Classes

We all assimilate information differently--hint your Mercury may have something to do with it--I prefer a blend of one-on-one, group, and self-study. Whether you're a novice seeking to understand the basics or an experienced self-studier looking to deepen your knowledge, my courses are designed to cater to all levels of expertise.

Classes are online and in-person. If you want articles or other resources, please see this page.


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Past Classes and Courses

Ceres and Moon: Archetypes of Attachment and Self-Parenting

Archetypes of Ecstasy From Witch to Muse: Transformational Figures of the Feminine in Myth

Online and in-person lecture with the Fates and Graces Mythologium at Pacifica Institute. Watch part of the presentation here on YouTube.

Archetypal Omens of Witchhood in the Natal Chart

One-time webinar, read more here.  

Astrological Retrogrades: From Prediction to Preparation

Collaboration with Greyback Club and later with Holistic Health Saloon. Watch video here.

Part of the Astrology of Awakening Summit, purchase recording here.

8-week course on Women Who Run with the Wolves and themes of belonging

Astrology for Therapists and Holistic Healers

9-week online class

Life Purpose and Legacy in the Natal Chart

Guest lecturer for Stormie Grace YouTube Academy. Watch here.

Self-care and Soul-care in the Natal Chart

Online Purpose and Power Summit, purchase recording here.

Wild Women & Wolves Sexuality Series 

6-week course on Women Who Run with the Wolves and sexuality themes

Wild Woman Soul Sundays

8-week course 

Wild Woman Society

6-week course on wild woman archetype and mythology

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