Optimism & Oppression :: Sagittarius Full Moon

Rose moon sagittarius full moon by eddie miller

Sagittarius, ruled by the expansive Jupiter, wants to have its cake and eat it too. This king of Gods rules the pointer finger and is concerned with truth, celebration, widening horizons, optimism, and fun. However, be on the look-out for some of its shadow side of feelings of irresponsibility, over-consumption, and emotional self-absorption. The planet Jupiter stations to go direct a few hours after the full moon is exact and can bring with it momentum forward in our own growth and personal expansion.

While the June full moon is often called the “Strawberry Moon” because of the ripening of fruit around this time. Though in Europe this moon is called the “Rose Moon,” which seems perfect as a symbol for hope and blooming of the heart. This celebratory moon is next to the Part of Fortune, an Arabic point of astrology thought to bring good fortune and gifts of health and ease. Perhaps suggesting exploring the emotional realm will reap the rewards of self-care (the moon is opposite Ceres after all, the asteroid of self-parenting and self-nourishment.)

This full moon is conjunct on one side with the constrictor and oppressor Saturn possibly inviting an emotional push and pull of feeling larger-than-life and then small and collapsed. Saturn can make us tough on ourselves or bring us down to reality when we would prefer to stay a bit too optimistic or lofty, like Jupiter. Jupiter feels abundant than Saturn feels scarce. Saturn is introverted and inward, while Jupiter is extroverted and excessive.

Working with these two energies of oppression and optimism as the human experience and the extremes of Earthly life. I have felt this a lot the past few days, noticing my insecurities and feeling blocked, wondering what the heck I am doing feeling small and collapsing inward, then working my way back into expansion and self-confidence…knowing fully the journey back to Saturn is inevitable.

On the other side of the moon is Lilith, the primal and intuitive feminine. She beckons us into blooming in a different way, one that focuses on the expanse of our wildness rather than lofty ideals. In addition, she represents an element of the oppressed as the witch and wild woman. Trine the moon is also  Eris and Uranus shedding consciousness on the unconscious “shadow other” such as communities of color, immigrants or other marginalized groups. This Eris/Uranus combination continuing to unfold into our awareness with the Pluto square.

The square to Neptune can muddy the lines of reality and fantasy while clearing illusions. Honor this full moon by feeling big, then feeling small. Noticing the places we feel limits and possible oppression as well as our expanse and optimism. Appreciate and celebrate yourself, the places you are light and heavy. Explore philosophical ideals and truth while honoring limits and boundaries. Both Saturn and Sagittarius beckon us into wisdom, the meeting place of meaning. And of course, don’t forget to stop to smell the roses.

Depth & Deformity :: Scorpio Full Moon

Full moon water and ocean scorpio and sedna

Scorpio, as the primordial energy of life, impels evolution and transformation with its power from the depths (think of a volcano or Kundalini). To me, Scorpio has the deepest shadows and also the most elevated expressions of any sign. In its more difficult aspects it is secretive, intense, resentful, shaming, or guilty and with integration and awareness provides the pure, raw power of vulnerability, surrender, and profound rebirth and transformation. With Moon-Pluto or Scorpio Moon the emotions may feel so overwhelming we want to hide them for fear of their force. Emotions in this way often serve as pressure cooker for our upheaval and regeneration. Scorpio asks us to shed and continue shedding until we can become unrecognizable in our rebirth. It seeks power and to unveil the shadow of what we want to hide.
With the trine to Neptune and Chiron we may be asked to bring back projections or support the flow of surrender. Neptune could allow our unconscious to speak more through the dream world, so pay attention! While Chiron offers the opportunity to shed old wounding that allows us to return to our wholeness even with the places that still ache. The sextile with Pluto offers a supportive gateway into our catharsis. 

Opposite this full moon with Sun in Taurus is Sedna, the dwarf planet of water and mermaids and the depths. In her mythology she is deformed after displeasing her father and he chops off her fingers which become sea mammals. The deep sea represents our unconscious as a place few dare to explore as it is still unknown to us. Animals and creatures of the ocean look strange compared to those on Earth. Just like Pluto we often become morphed like the caterpillar before becoming a butterfly. We change shape and often become unrecognizable even to ourselves, shedding parts of us we hold onto for comfort. This rebirth process and the deformity serve to remind us that we look and feel differently in the underworld as on Earth (Taurus).
Today also marks the nodal shift of the North Node axis moving into Leo/Aquarius axis of the polarity of self-involvement versus caring about the collective and the confusion of often not knowing how to serve both. In a personal chart the nodes represent our soul path and major things we came here to Earth to study. When a collective shift happens our large-scale lessons also change.

In addition, the Mercury and Uranus conjunction in the sky possibly expressing itself as an ability to get quick insights, or in my case make your brain feel a bit overwhelmed.

Look for 20 degrees Scorpio in your chart to see how this full moon may activate your chart personally. Is it near a planet or important axis in the chart? What house does it fall into? This could provide clues on how to pay attention to the messages and learning of this full moon.

Pretty & Pink :: Libra Full Moon

libra full moon april 10 2017

This month's moon is called the "Pink Moon," even though the moon is not actually pink. The name pays homage to the early spring blooming of pink moss called wild ground phlox from an old Farmer's Almanac. I haven't seen, but I'm sure Libra would approve. Libra represents the transcendental ideals of truth, beauty, and goodness and a need for harmony and balance. While current times feel anything but the qualities listed above; Libra wants harmony and fairness though often attempts to do so by avoiding conflict and discomfort. Thank goodness, the moon is opposite the warrior Aries Sun conjunct Eris and Uranus, all forces of change, action, and awakening in service of the justice Libra seeks.

As if a full moon weren’t enough to activate the feelers, this one is with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and optimism that magnifies whatever it touches. Jupiter is said to bring good fortune and in Libra may expand our ability for diplomacy or peace (fingers crossed on this one). Though the shadow side of this large planet to look out for could be arrogance, bravado, or exaggeration…classic United States of America qualities if I do say so myself.;)

With this full moon, we may feel angry about the injustice of our current state of world affairs or our awareness may be centered more on our personal love lives...a very Libran concern. Libra craves an "other" and has a need for partnership and a complement. With Venus in retrograde and the very recent beginning of a new Venus synodic cycle, relationships are a key focal point.

While Libra can sometimes have a reputation for being superficial, with Pluto in a tension-filled square, it certainly can’t avoid the shadow. This moon also activates the Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter T-square inviting us to let go of what no longer serves us and to surrender to our own rebirth in a possibly painful way.

In addition, the Libra full moon happens in the midst of Venus, Saturn, and Mercury retrogrades, putting emphasis on visiting old ways of relating, taking responsibility, and communicating in order to release them. A balanced way to approach this moon could involve remembering old ways of being and allowing the shedding of layers that could be chaotic (Pluto) in service of the truth (Libra) and growth (Jupiter) without fear of conflict (Aries Sun and Eris).
Notice which house holds 21 degrees libra for information on what area of life may be the focus of the intense shift.

Daydreams & Day jobs :: Virgo Full Moon

full moon virgo

Many people have a resistance to Virgo energy, myself included. I easily get bored with the routine and day-to-day aspects of living and organization where Virgo thrives (I also have Neptune in the 6th house ruled by Virgo). However, with all the Pisces energy (Sun, Chiron, Athena, Mercury, and Neptune) there can be a tendency to be in daydreams, fantasies, or illusions instead of working hard at our day jobs. The full moon may be a reminder of how much we need to come back to Earth and how to bring more order to our lives through routine or habits. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, wants to analyze and categorize in order to understand but also as a way of making things real. 

Squaring Saturn can also be a harsh reality check around working hard and showing us the places we haven’t committed to our vision. The trine with Pluto offers a harmonious transition into harnessing this rebirth back on Earth. 

The Moon opposite Sun, Athena, Chiron, and Mercury are a wake-up call of bringing awareness to the parts of us that don’t want to stay grounded because it may feel disorienting (Athena needs a mission), confusing (Mercury), overwhelming (Neptune), or painful (Chiron). Pisces prefers the daydream to the day job forgetting its necessary part of our transformation (Pluto). I’ve certainly  learned this the hard way over the years, making transitions or being unreasonable about where I wanted to be and where I was…and I have Virgo with a dose of Saturn to help.

This full moon focus on writing a plan to match your vision or making a to-do list of all the actions you can take. Notice where you haven’t taken yourself seriously (Saturn) and perhaps take a deep dive into what needs to be released (Pluto) for you to move forward. Perhaps re-commit to creating daily habits that will move your closer to your goals. Be willing to look at the unpleasant shadows of the current situation and admit where your day-to-day life isn’t supporting where you want to be.

Courage & Confidence :: Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Leo Full moon

Friday, Feb. 10, 2017
4:33 p.m. PST // 7:33 p.m. EST
22 deg Leo

  • Moon conjunct North Node (makes it an eclipse!)
  • Grand trine Moon, Saturn/Hygiea, & Eris/Uranus
  • Moon sextile Jupiter

Like all signs, Leo has both its shadow and elevated expressions and with a Leo full moon we often tap into the unconscious or painful ways we don't feel seen or heard. The more positive, integrated expression could be us gaining a new sense of courage and confidence in our abilities and gifts we bring to the world. In my case, I was definitely struggling a lot the week before around themes of not being seen and being overlooked until I remembered the shadow of Leo is craving outside confirmation instead of cultivating inner strength. I was spending too much time looking at what was happening outside of myself and feeling small, instead of looking inside and feeling seen by myself. That lesson just never gets old (thanks never-ending Sun-Chiron lessons)!

The Moon in Leo constellates a fiery grand trine with Saturn and Hygiea in Sagittarius and Uranus and Eris in Aries. These asteroids and planets create flowing, supportive relationships with the dynamism and energy of the fire signs. Saturn & Hygiea bring stability, commitment, and health (Hygiea) to the emotions. Whereas Uranus & Eris provide their revolutionary spirit and desire to defend justice. The relationship between Uranus and Saturn could be a call to integrate the new (Uranus) with the old (Saturn) and allow them to co-exist more peacefully. The Sun in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, and the Moon trine Uranus continue the collective focus on humankind as a whole and social justice. The Moon sextile Jupiter in Libra (opposite Uranus) could be a way for us to expand our philosophical position or create more balance within ourselves.

Every lunar eclipse and full moon offers us insight into both the collective and personal unconscious as the emotional realm accentuates the unconsciousness versus the conscious awareness of the Sun and a solar eclipse. What I have described above is the possible collective emotional field, your personal experience of this eclipse depends largely on your own chart as well as the house placement of 22 degrees Leo (the eclipse position). Notice that any planets or luminaries, the sun or moon, in relationship to any  of these planets adds your unique experience of this potent time.

Sacred Healing & Feeling :: Cancer Full Moon

Thursday, January 12
3:34 a.m. PST/6:34 a.m. EST
22 deg Cancer

  • Moon conjunct Vesta
  • Grand cross Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus/Eris/Ceres
  • Moon trine Chiron & Mars
  • Moon opposite Sun conjunct Pluto

As I type this I am in bed where I have spent most of my day and one of my dearest friends is in labor--I can't think of a more perfect way to honor this full moon.  I am definitely in my Cancerian self-care and hermit mode and am slowing down enough to feel and get cozy. While I attempt to send my newsletters 24 hours before the full moon, I am definitely lagging this month and have only my bed to blame.

cancer full moon

While this full moon is in watery, ocean-like Cancer, it is conjunct Vesta the sacred goddess of the flame. Vesta recently moved into Cancer and wants us to make the mundane sacred through ritual, which is perhaps why I spent the last few days obsessively lighting candles and pulling tarot cards. Perhaps more importantly the moon is in a grand cross meaning it is in a quadruple square with Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus/Eris/Ceres in fiery Aries. This combination expands the Uranian powers of freedom, restlessness, and revolution and adds more of a spark of awakening.

The Sun with Pluto opposite the full moon offers the reminder of the transformational power of our emotional field and the ability to go into our darkness. While the trine with Chiron and Mars create support around healing anger or resentment. This has been the theme for me a lot lately understanding the ways I avoid my anger and the resentment it festers. 

However you honored the full moon, it pulls us into relating to our emotions and beckons us into the flow of feeling and healing...some of the most sacred work we can do.

Heady & Heavy :: Gemini Full Moon

gemini full moon

Tuesday, December 13
4:05pm PST/7:05pm EST
22 deg Gemini/Sagittarius

  • Moon sextile Uranus/Ceres/Eris
  • Moon trine Jupiter & Mars
  • Sun & Moon square Chiron
  • Sun conjunct Saturn

Per usual I am at a loss for words this full moon, sitting up late at my computer feeling wired and unable to communicate (even though you would think the Mercury-ruled Gemini would help with that).  I watch all the other astrologers come out with the newsletter several days before and though I do my best to describe possible energies of the moon at a particular time, but ultimately I always become hyper aware that all of them are only projections of my own experience. A reminder that while the collective archetypes are universal, they only become meaningful through our personal experience. 
If I am honest, I want to feel more of the silly, optimistic Gemini energy and instead I feel a lot of disappointment and can feel Saturn opposite the Moon weighing down the emotional field. The Chiron square with the Sun and Moon seems to evoke my usual Sun-Chiron self-deprecation and sense of holding both a personal and collective pain many of us seem to be experiencing right now. 

The saving grace of this moon is the Jupiter/Mars grand trine of optimism and perhaps the need to take action around what we feel. In addition, the Moon sextiles changemaker Uranus, self-nourishment asteroid Ceres, and the Goddess of Chaos Eris. 

So indeed, I am feeling all of the full moon feels...the headiness of Gemini, the heaviness of Saturn, the optimism of Jupiter/Mars, the dull ache of Chiron, and the knowing of change (Uranus) and chaos (Eris) sitting side-by-side with self-care (Ceres).

Justice & Love :: Super moon in Taurus


Today's super, full moon at 5:52 a.m. PDT is 22 degrees Taurus. Besides being more than 30% brighter than any moon in the past 70 years, this full moon is packed with asteroids and the sensuality only Taurus can offer. While October’s supermoon was also close to Earth, as well as the one in December, this “supermoon” is super-packed. It is trine the Chiron and opposite the Sun conjunct Astraea and Lilith offering healing and a sense that justice will be served. Astraea, my  favorite asteroid who I believe is the rightful ruler of Libra, is closely conjunct the Scorpio Sun. She represents where we seek harmony and the transcendental ideals of truth, beauty, and goodness. With Lilith next to her we are reminded once again of the primal feminine who seeks equality and power. May this super moon utilize the transformational energy  of peace and love in service of the collective healing of ourselves and our planet. Look in your chart at 22 degrees Taurus to get a sense of where in your life these luminaries are focusing their energy.

Warriors & Wildness :: Full Moon in Aries

The next full moon occurs at 23 degrees Aries on Satur{n}day, October 15 at 9:23 p.m. PDT. 
This full moon is special, and not just because it is exact my natal Aries Moon, but because it is hanging out in exact conjunction with Eris and in close quarters with Uranus and Ceres. There is a powerhouse party happening this full moon that we are all invited to--for better or for worse! The moon in fiery, Mars-ruled Aries can be both compulsive and courageous. The dwarf planet named after Aries’ sister Eris, originally named Xena, is in exact conjunction to the full moon offering this moon the warrior energy of both the masculine and feminine. Eris rules the domains of chaos and discord, but reminds us it is not without purpose. Perhaps Eris’ most important gift is her ability to honor the primal, natural cycles of seeming that is life on Earth. In tight degree with Uranus the planet of consciousness and sudden insight, we are reminded that strife is always in service of evolutionary gain. Ceres, while in slightly wider conjunction, offers its nurturing energy and reminds us we can be nurtured and nourished by the things we fight (Aries) for in hopes of change (Uranus). If you are feeling a bit more loony than normal, this is certainly  a wild ride...look at the area of your chart containing 23 degrees Aries for insight about where these energies might be playing out in your life during this full phase. (photo by Scott Yonker)

Holistic Healing :: Pisces Full Moon

pisces full moon

The next full moon with a lunar eclipse occurs Friday, September 16 at 12:05 p.m. PDT at 24 degrees Pisces. 

This full moon/lunar eclipse continues the releasing cycle that began with the solar eclipse on September 1. This full moon is conjunct the asteroid Chiron (from the ancient word for “hand”) and may reveal the painful places we need to “touch” in order to release and heal physically or spiritually. The Sun in Virgo creates a polarity of practicality in opposition to the imaginal worlds of Pisces as an opportunity for discernment and dissolution of what no longer serves us. In addition, the moon is squaring Mars and the asteroid Cupido adding a possible emphasis on sexuality as a desire to merge or feeling under attack and overwhelmed physically or energetically. Another expression of Pisces moon during this time could be vivid dreams or more access to the imagination. Use this time to heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically and be careful of tendencies to want to disassociate from the discomfort that may arise during this powerful time of karmic cleansing.

Creativity & Consciousness :: Full Moon Aquarius

aquarius full moon

The Aquarius Full Moon was yesterday, Thursday, August 18 around 2:30 a.m. PST and offered themes of bringing consciousness to the emotional realm through erratic emotions or a desire to use them to bring about creativity. Aquarius is associated with the planet Uranus which rules spontaneity, quirkiness, and the non-traditional (such as astrology).  Though ultimately it wants to awaken us (think Kundalini) into more consciousness. This moon was also conjunct the asteroid Athena, sextile Uranus, and square the Vertex often called "Destiny's Gate." Athena is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge mixed with intuition. Her conjunction with the moon may show us insights into our warrior spirit. The Vertex square offers a possible fated relationship or direction, so I was certainly  paying close attention for any clues (I found two playing cards this week on the street.)

Restless in Reality :: Full Moon in Capricorn

cap moon.jpg

The Capricorn Full Moon was today, Tuesday, July 19 at 3:57 p.m. PST and will be brightest tonight! Though the moon is in structured Capricorn, it's a wild one squaring both Uranus and Lilith trining Mars. In myself I've noticed themes of working toward becoming more of my own emotional authority and feeling restless for the next phase. Saturn rules Capricorn and the vast Earthly realms of commitment, structure, and also mastery. In short, it helps things become manifest in the material realm. Squaring Uranus it frees us from outdated  things that may be holding us back. It can be jarring, though if we trust our instinctual wisdom of Lilith, we will find right action (Mars) and come back into flow (Cancer sun).

Straight Shot to Fate :: Full Moon & Summer Solstice


This full moon occurs on Monday, June 20 around 4:00 a.m. PST, which is around 12 hours before the Summer Solstice and right before the Sun moves into Cancer. It is at 29 degrees Sagittarius and exactly opposite the Vertex (point of fate) and trine Juno (asteroid of work and relationship partnerships). 

Only once every 30 or so years does the Summer Solstice fall on the same day of the full moon. With the full moon being in the last sign of Sagittarius it is indicative of endings and beginnings. Sagittarius comes from Latin sagitta meaning "arrow" and is ruled by the planet Jupiter, king of the Gods. Sag and Jupiter energy concern themselves with themes of truth, faith, expansion, and optimism. This full moon partnered with the solstice asks us to honor our truth and what feeds our spirit. Being opposite the Vertex offers a turning point in fate as well amplifying the karmic agreements in relationships and other partnerships. Now is an ideal time to celebrate something in your life that lights you up knowing you are supported by the sacred contracts of Juno and fate.

Power of Vulnerability :: Full Moon in Scorpio

scorpio full moon vulnerable

Yes, I know, the full moon was last night in Scorpio at 10:24 p.m. PST.  Per usual the full moon had me reeling and between howling on my roof at the moon and reading for hours about snakes, I couldn't seem to get my act together. Even though I am a bit late, I still wanted to share the themes that may still be active. 

This moon was sandwiched between the wild, instinctual asteroid Lilith and the partner-focused, dependent Juno. It was all opposite the sun in romantic, sensual Taurus conjunct the creative, hiney planet Uranus. This moon plays on the balance of wildness/independence/freedom and tameness/dependency/partnership. While these concepts may seem opposite, they hold the dual desires of relating--to be seen and to hide as the ultimate paradox of vulnerability and intimacy. Scorpio, ruled by the planet Pluto, oversees the domains of shame, darkness, secrets and its opposites of intimacy and vulnerability. We are most powerful when we speak (Taurus rules the throat chakra) to our insecurities and darkness. This full moon in Scorpio, trust your instincts as the freedom to love others and yourself comes from naming shame and through it allowing yourself to be fully seen in love. ‪