Power of Vulnerability :: Full Moon in Scorpio

scorpio full moon vulnerable

Yes, I know, the full moon was last night in Scorpio at 10:24 p.m. PST.  Per usual the full moon had me reeling and between howling on my roof at the moon and reading for hours about snakes, I couldn't seem to get my act together. Even though I am a bit late, I still wanted to share the themes that may still be active. 

This moon was sandwiched between the wild, instinctual asteroid Lilith and the partner-focused, dependent Juno. It was all opposite the sun in romantic, sensual Taurus conjunct the creative, hiney planet Uranus. This moon plays on the balance of wildness/independence/freedom and tameness/dependency/partnership. While these concepts may seem opposite, they hold the dual desires of relating--to be seen and to hide as the ultimate paradox of vulnerability and intimacy. Scorpio, ruled by the planet Pluto, oversees the domains of shame, darkness, secrets and its opposites of intimacy and vulnerability. We are most powerful when we speak (Taurus rules the throat chakra) to our insecurities and darkness. This full moon in Scorpio, trust your instincts as the freedom to love others and yourself comes from naming shame and through it allowing yourself to be fully seen in love. ‪