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Neptune Square Saturn: Puella/Puer to Crone/Senex

Lately I have noticed that I live entire parts of my life in total delusion and fantasy, and yet I can't seem to discern which parts. I can't tell if the man I am spending time with is as lovely as he seems, or if I am not actually seeing him clearly. I can't figure out if I'm moving forward in my life or if I'm completely stagnant. This tension and confusion around discerning reality from dreams are the realms of Saturn and Neptune. It has been a little over a week since Neptune and Saturn had their most recent exact square on June 17 (the next one is September 10, 2016). This energy can manifest in many ways, but facing reality in our lives may be one. It may also feel there are huge barr

Straight Shot to Fate :: Full Moon & Summer Solstice

This full moon occurs on Monday, June 20 around 4:00 a.m. PST, which is around 12 hours before the Summer Solstice and right before the Sun moves into Cancer. It is at 29 degrees Sagittarius and exactly opposite the Vertex (point of fate) and trine Juno (asteroid of work and relationship partnerships). Only once every 30 or so years does the Summer Solstice fall on the same day of the full moon. With the full moon being in the last sign of Sagittarius it is indicative of endings and beginnings. Sagittarius comes from Latin sagitta meaning "arrow" and is ruled by the planet Jupiter, king of the Gods. Sag and Jupiter energy concern themselves with themes of truth, faith, expansion, and optimis

Astrological Houses: What Are They and How Do You Find Yours?

After horoscope signs and the planets, the house systems add another layer of interpretation and complexity to understanding one’s natal astrology chart. While the zodiac sign gives us a flavor for how a planet may express itself, the house shows us where in our lives those astrological energies play out. Each of the 12 houses rules a particular experience or area of life, such as ideas, people, work, health, and so on. A planet’s placement in the natal chart, particularly the sun and the moon, will often reveal what areas of experience will be strongly emphasized in a person’s life. There are several house systems in astrology and it is often a cause of debate in astrological circles about

Astrological Themes of Self-Abandonment

Until recently I hadn’t quite understood how “unwholey” and lost I felt. Why it seemed I was constantly looking to others for a sense of identity or meaning…Why I felt so outside of myself and constantly wanting to orient to someone else. The word “orient” means “to face the East” and the rising of the sun…our constant way to orient. I felt the pain of not being the center of my own universe. I have Sun conjunct Chiron and it often shows up by me having difficulty having a personal center (as the sun is to us) or identity. I’m great at building others up, wanting them to shine, reflecting their glory and meanwhile feel a sense of despair around my own worth. The Sun represents our center, wh

Saturn + Venus: Worthy of Love

I am doing that thing again, that needy little girl thing. It’s painful to witness in myself, so I can’t imagine how others could feel about it. I can’t seem to help myself…I want to earn his affection again. I want him to see what a giver I am and want to hand over his heart. Except it doesn’t work that way. Instead of being more interested he gets overwhelmed or avoids me. I can feel what I’m doing, trying to find anyway to help him…I seem to believe I have to earn his love. Somehow it feels that I am not worthy of love the way I am--I have to prove it. Thing is, it’s not just him, it happens all the time in my people pleasing mode where I am desperate for people to like me. I can’t help t

About Me

Hi, I'm Rebecca (aka Wild Witch of the West), a San Francisco-based archetypal astrologer and writer.  For more than a decade I've been deep diving in the astrology world helping clients connect more to their life purpose and their soul. Pre-astro geek and coming out of the "broom" closet, I received my Master's degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness and wrote my thesis on the human connection to the stars. I offer individual and group astrology readings.


"Rebecca is amazing, hands down - you won't be disappointed in seeing her! She's warm, wise, witchy and intuitive, while also managing to be  practical and straightforward with a grounded energy that immediately puts you at ease.

I've never met anyone with such detailed knowledge of astrology, but the magic of Rebecca's readings is in combining astrological archetypal themes with a profound understanding of human nature. The themes she brought forward in my natal chart reading were spot on, and some nearly moved me to tears, long-buried hopes and dreams that I haven't dared to think about in quite some time.

I came away from our session with much more insight into myself, and some ideas that I'll be marinating on for months to come."

-Rachael H., San Francisco, CA






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