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Total Eclipse of the Head :: New Moon/Eclipse in Virgo

I don't usually write about the new moon, but this one's a doozy occurring on Thursday, Sept. 1 at 2:03 a.m. PDT at 9 degrees Virgo. Just like other new moons this is a great reset button with beginnings and possible endings. In addition, it is a solar eclipse (the sun’s light will be partially hidden) that can only be seen from parts of Africa and the Middle East, its effects can be felt worldwide. This new moon/eclipse is in the Earthy, analytical sign of Virgo, is opposite Neptune, conjunct the lunar nodes, squaring Saturn and Mars, and trining Pluto. It will impact everyone differently depending on which house it occurs in your chart and many other factors. However, some basic themes re

Saturn & Vertex: Soulmate, Karmic, and Fated Relationships

I often describe the astrological natal birth chart as the “unique soul blueprint” for understanding the lessons and evolutionary process of someone in their lifetime. To me the soul is our individual breath of spirit (soul comes from word “psyche” from Proto-Indo-European *bhes- meaning “to blow, or breath), as the part of us that stays the same throughout different incarnations. With this understanding I don’t believe everything is fated, but I do believe inevitably we will meet certain people and situations on our path that guide us more into our fullest potential. Our free will determining whether or not we choose to listen or participate in that evolutionary process and how we can also

Creativity & Consciousness :: Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon was yesterday, Thursday, August 18 around 2:30 a.m. PST and offered themes of bringing consciousness to the emotional realm through erratic emotions or a desire to use them to bring about creativity. Aquarius is associated with the planet Uranus which rules spontaneity, quirkiness, and the non-traditional (such as astrology). Though ultimately it wants to awaken us (think Kundalini) into more consciousness. This moon was also conjunct the asteroid Athena, sextile Uranus, and square the Vertex often called "Destiny's Gate." Athena is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge mixed with intuition. Her conjunction with the moon may show us insights into our warrior spirit. The

Lover's Light: Intimacy & Venus Synodic Cycle

I want to strip down to my soul, removing every layer of my false self to lie down naked at love's door. I want to open my heart so wide that it could be penetrated from inside out. I want to writhe and squirm in the discomfort of being fully seen in my darkest, most vulnerable state. I want to surrender to love itself and let it enter me through every crevice--my heart deep-throated with the affection and care it deserves. "The most beautiful kind of naked is vulnerability." -Simi Fromen, poet But I don’t, I have been a phony lover, stingy with my intimacy and devoted to hiding behind niceties and avoiding confrontation. This is a lesson in Venus, the intimacy we all crave so desperately

About Me

Hi, I'm Rebecca (aka Wild Witch of the West), a San Francisco-based archetypal astrologer and writer.  For more than a decade I've been deep diving in the astrology world helping clients connect more to their life purpose and their soul. Pre-astro geek and coming out of the "broom" closet, I received my Master's degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness and wrote my thesis on the human connection to the stars. I offer individual and group astrology readings.


"Rebecca is amazing, hands down - you won't be disappointed in seeing her! She's warm, wise, witchy and intuitive, while also managing to be  practical and straightforward with a grounded energy that immediately puts you at ease.

I've never met anyone with such detailed knowledge of astrology, but the magic of Rebecca's readings is in combining astrological archetypal themes with a profound understanding of human nature. The themes she brought forward in my natal chart reading were spot on, and some nearly moved me to tears, long-buried hopes and dreams that I haven't dared to think about in quite some time.

I came away from our session with much more insight into myself, and some ideas that I'll be marinating on for months to come."

-Rachael H., San Francisco, CA






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