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Ode to the Underworld :: Nekyia, Katabasis, Shadow Work, & Dark Nights of the Soul

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” -C.G. Jung As the fall turns to winter and stupid Daylight Saving Times makes 7 p.m. feel more like 2 a.m., I naturally feel the inward pull. I crave more time alone and find myself making a descent into myself for more quiet and solitude. I find myself making certain foods and rearranging things in my apartment as if preparing myself for a journey alone. The word “underworld” often makes people uncomfortable, and rightfully so. In a society where we do our best to ignore and avoid the darkness and the idea of “hell,

You Are Intuitive Interview Series with Dana Machacek

Nothing says Neptune and Mercury quite like a convo about inituition! Really honored to be included in the "You are Intuitive" Series with Dana Machacek, when she first told me about the project I was all tingly with excitement as she is a magical psychic and being whose work I very much respect. Below is the intro from our interview and click here to learn more about her awesome series aimed at exploring and developing intuition in the real world. ------- I am overjoyed to introduce you to Rebecca Farrar, a beautifully thorough, thoughtful, and empowering astrologist. I have received two incredible readings from Rebecca so far. One was a mind-blowing synastry reading that treated my busin

Freedom & Conscience :: Uranus trine Saturn

Today marks the third and last exact trine between Uranus and Saturn since December 2016, the other on May 19, 2017. While these two powerhouse planets have been within five degrees throughout 2017, the pattern culminates during a final trine at 1:44 p.m. PT/4:44 p.m. ET. with Uranus at 25 degrees Aries and Saturn at 25 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn honors tradition and the past and relates to principles of structure or the largest society structure of patriarchy. Saturn in its elevated expression offers discernment, commitment and support though in recent history has taken on more of the shadow expressions of the judge, fundamentalist (economic, religious, or political), or authoritarian. Ur

Triangle of Love & Having it All

The next several days Jupiter and Venus newly in Scorpio will be hanging out side-by-side expanding our hearts and perfects rebirthing ideas of love and connection. Seemed like a perfect time to share one of my favorite models of romantic love that comes from psychologist Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love, which I did my best to adapt to astrological terminology. According to him, love has three main components of passion, intimacy, and commitment. Or the absence of all three, non-love, that is associated with people to whom we have no connection. The combinations of one, two, or all three provides a conceptual basis of different dimensions of relationships. Depending on our astro

Love & Lost :: Taurus Full Moon

FULL MOON 12 DEGREES TAURUS Friday, November 3, 2017 or Saturday, November 4 Friday 10:23 p.m. PDT/Saturday 2:23 a.m. EDT *Trine Neptune *Square Ceres *Sextile Juno Whelp, the full moon came and went last week and I was traveling and in such overwhelm mode (Neptune) I didn't post in time as I just couldn't find my flow (Neptune). In all honesty, I write these newsletters often before I am fully able to feel the theme of the full moon. My expectation of this full moon was that I was going to feel sensual and sexy (classic Taurus), as it was near my Sun. I couldn't have been more off, this past full moon for me was all about my anxious attachment junk, associated with Ceres (if you aren't

About Me

Hi, I'm Rebecca (aka Wild Witch of the West), a San Francisco-based archetypal astrologer and writer.  For more than a decade I've been deep diving in the astrology world helping clients connect more to their life purpose and their soul. Pre-astro geek and coming out of the "broom" closet, I received my Master's degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness and wrote my thesis on the human connection to the stars. I offer individual and group astrology readings.


"Rebecca is amazing, hands down - you won't be disappointed in seeing her! She's warm, wise, witchy and intuitive, while also managing to be  practical and straightforward with a grounded energy that immediately puts you at ease.

I've never met anyone with such detailed knowledge of astrology, but the magic of Rebecca's readings is in combining astrological archetypal themes with a profound understanding of human nature. The themes she brought forward in my natal chart reading were spot on, and some nearly moved me to tears, long-buried hopes and dreams that I haven't dared to think about in quite some time.

I came away from our session with much more insight into myself, and some ideas that I'll be marinating on for months to come."

-Rachael H., San Francisco, CA






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