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I just had a much-anticipated session with the Wild and Wonderful Rebecca! For all my celestial sisters and brothers out there looking for a basic understanding of their individual soul blueprint - book an appointment for your personal astrology reading which utilizes your natal birth chart to explore the inner most workings of you. It was nothing short of amazing, inspiring and insightful.
— Charlotte H., San Diego, CA
charlotte testimonial for rebecca farrar

If you’re seeking to feel more purposeful or connected in the world I highly recommend a reading with Rebecca. My family has been visiting astrologers (Eastern) for a long time but I hadn’t really seen the value of an astrology reading until I saw Rebecca. I am now a true believer and credit her for this shift in mindset! She’s very knowledgeable, patient, and nurturing during the reading, and optimistically conveys challenges and opportunities in the chart to her clients. Her philosophy is that astrology opens you up to your ‘subconcious’ or the ‘cards you’re dealt with’ in life. During the course of my reading, she precisely hit upon several challenges that I had always felt but had never been articulated by someone else. She also provided guidance on how to maneuver and negotiate those challenges. It was the first time I truly felt like the universe was working FOR me. I guarantee Rebecca’s readings will deepen and broaden your beliefs in yourself, and your connection to the world.
— Lily Chandrasekher

“{Rebecca} is incredibly articulate and gifted at grounding archetypal concepts into practical ideas and examples. Even as someone who already has a bit of knowledge of the astrological archetypes and my own natal chart, my reading with Becky gave me a lot to chew on - many of great insights into my patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. And with her special knowledge of the asteroids, her readings are particularly special!
— -Athena C., Body Talk Practitioner
Athena C

{My boyfriend} and I had a wonderful astrology couples consultation with Rebecca this past weekend! I’m still tripping over it! We always knew fate brought us together, but to actually see it in the stars is just incredible! Thank you so so so much {Rebecca}! I totally recommend this if you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level! (P.S. She does this for any sort of relationship! Romantic, friendship, and business partners!
— Amy Castro
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I recently moved here and am still getting my bearings. Money has been tight and I’ve had days filled with anxiety and I was feeling urgent to get a reading. This was a first for me so I was a bit nervous but {Rebecca} took great care of me and I learned so much about myself plus other juicy details of life.”
— -Melinda Gulick, Artist
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“Rebecca was generous, insightful and articulate. She has a palpable love for what she does, and she talked to me with genuine interest and full attention. We met in a crowded cafe, and she took extra care to make sure I felt comfortable and not too exposed as we had a conversation about my chart. I’d definitely recommend Rebecca to a friend or anyone else who is interested.”
— Evan B., Writer
Evan b

Becky has a very unique understanding and application of astrology that is different from other astrologers I’ve worked with. I love how she focuses on the feminine aspects of the chart through her understanding of the asteroids, and really highlights the evolutionary pathways to illumination and healing that are there for us, should we choose to take them. I have a breadth of astrological understanding, but for me it’s important to focus only on what I’m really good at, and to collaborate with others to fill in the gaps. Becky is in her strength when she is gazing at the stars in someone’s chart, and I am in my strength when I can relax and listen to the similarities she presents, with the work I have already shared with my client, and see the overlying patterns, ultimately pulling out moments of “aha!” for all of us!
— Rachael L. Webb, Spiritual Business Advisor
rachael webb

Had one of those life affirming conversations facilitated by the magical Rebecca, where you get to peel back another layer of who you are and why. Astrology readings with this thoughtful lady are a must.”
— Jenny Clevidence, Coach
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