Ritual derived from rite from Proto-Indo-European root *re(i)- meaning "to count, number"

Spell from proto-indo-european "spel-" meaning "to say a loud"


ritual + Spell = magic

For me, ritual is the sacredness where spirit and matter meet and the full moons are a ripe time to do so. Spells don't have to be anything specific other than words spoken with strong intention in hopes of making magic. The idea of "as above, so below" is an ancient, alchemist's way to describe how the macrocosm impacts the microcosm--meaning if we want to shift our outer world we start with our inner one.

When I think of casting spells and making magic, the words we use matter. Many philosophers argue humans felt isolated from the universe because we started using words that then created this sense of separation. I disagree, I believe our consciousness was already shifting and our words began to reflect this new disenchantment with life. In this way, I believe words are our way back into enchantment and a sense of belonging. My thesis,  titled “Stargazing: Re-enchantment Through Language,” combines philology, consciousness studies, and enchantment with the stars...or read about basic word magic here

If ritualizing is your thing, below are some suggestions to honor the full moon lunacy (though for good measure the full moon is most powerful the night before it goes exact and the energy begins to lower):

  • Create an altar
  • Moon bathe or meditate under the full moon
  • Light candles and dance
  • Visit the beach and soak up the salt water energy and salt
  • Gather in circle for a ceremony or ritual with others
  • Charge your crystals
  • Take a bath (with your crystals if you want or rose petals!)
  • Tarot, pendulum, or other divination
  • Wear white (and more black at the new moon)
  • Pay extra attention to your cat (mine gets extra strange around the full moon)
  • Learn about the astrological themes of each full moon
  • Follow up on themes from the previous new moon
  • Be creative whether it is writing, painting, writing poetry
  • Delight in the senses through eating chocolate, getting a massage, etc.

Opportunities to ritualize together: