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Straight Shot to Fate :: Full Moon & Summer Solstice


This full moon occurs on Monday, June 20 around 4:00 a.m. PST, which is around 12 hours before the Summer Solstice and right before the Sun moves into Cancer. It is at 29 degrees Sagittarius and exactly opposite the Vertex (point of fate) and trine Juno (asteroid of work and relationship partnerships).

Only once every 30 or so years does the Summer Solstice fall on the same day of the full moon. With the full moon being in the last sign of Sagittarius it is indicative of endings and beginnings. Sagittarius comes from Latin sagitta meaning "arrow" and is ruled by the planet Jupiter, king of the Gods. Sag and Jupiter energy concern themselves with themes of truth, faith, expansion, and optimism. This full moon partnered with the solstice asks us to honor our truth and what feeds our spirit. Being opposite the Vertex offers a turning point in fate as well amplifying the karmic agreements in relationships and other partnerships. Now is an ideal time to celebrate something in your life that lights you up knowing you are supported by the sacred contracts of Juno and fate.

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