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Pretty & Pink :: Libra Full Moon


This month's moon is called the "Pink Moon," even though the moon is not actually pink. The name pays homage to the early spring blooming of pink moss called wild ground phlox from an old Farmer's Almanac. I haven't seen, but I'm sure Libra would approve. Libra represents the transcendental ideals of truth, beauty, and goodness and a need for harmony and balance. While current times feel anything but the qualities listed above; Libra wants harmony and fairness though often attempts to do so by avoiding conflict and discomfort. Thank goodness, the moon is opposite the warrior Aries Sun conjunct Eris and Uranus, all forces of change, action, and awakening in service of the justice Libra seeks.

As if a full moon weren’t enough to activate the feelers, this one is with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and optimism that magnifies whatever it touches. Jupiter is said to bring good fortune and in Libra may expand our ability for diplomacy or peace (fingers crossed on this one). Though the shadow side of this large planet to look out for could be arrogance, bravado, or exaggeration…classic United States of America qualities if I do say so myself.;)

With this full moon, we may feel angry about the injustice of our current state of world affairs or our awareness may be centered more on our personal love lives...a very Libran concern. Libra craves an "other" and has a need for partnership and a complement. With Venus in retrograde and the very recent beginning of a new Venus synodic cycle, relationships are a key focal point.

While Libra can sometimes have a reputation for being superficial, with Pluto in a tension-filled square, it certainly can’t avoid the shadow. This moon also activates the Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter T-square inviting us to let go of what no longer serves us and to surrender to our own rebirth in a possibly painful way.

In addition, the Libra full moon happens in the midst of Venus, Saturn, and Mercury retrogrades, putting emphasis on visiting old ways of relating, taking responsibility, and communicating in order to release them. A balanced way to approach this moon could involve remembering old ways of being and allowing the shedding of layers that could be chaotic (Pluto) in service of the truth (Libra) and growth (Jupiter) without fear of conflict (Aries Sun and Eris). Notice which house holds 21 degrees libra for information on what area of life may be the focus of the intense shift.

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