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Faith, Optimism, & Oppression :: Sagittarius Full Moon

Sagittarius, ruled by the expansive Jupiter, wants to have its cake and eat it too. This king of Gods rules the pointer finger and is concerned with truth, celebration, widening horizons, optimism, and fun. However, be on the look-out for some of its shadow side of feelings of irresponsibility, over-consumption, and emotional self-absorption. The planet Jupiter stations to go direct a few hours after the full moon is exact and can bring with it momentum forward in our own growth and personal expansion.

While the June full moon is often called the “Strawberry Moon” because of the ripening of fruit around this time. Though in Europe this moon is called the “Rose Moon,” which seems perfect as a symbol for hope and blooming of the heart. This celebratory moon is next to the Part of Fortune, an Arabic point of astrology thought to bring good fortune and gifts of health and ease. Perhaps suggesting exploring the emotional realm will reap the rewards of self-care (the moon is opposite Ceres after all, the asteroid of self-parenting and self-nourishment.)

This full moon is conjunct on one side with the constrictor and oppressor Saturn possibly inviting an emotional push and pull of feeling larger-than-life and then small and collapsed. Saturn can make us tough on ourselves or bring us down to reality when we would prefer to stay a bit too optimistic or lofty, like Jupiter. Jupiter feels abundant than Saturn feels scarce. Saturn is introverted and inward, while Jupiter is extroverted and excessive.

Working with these two energies of oppression and optimism as the human experience and the extremes of Earthly life. I have felt this a lot the past few days, noticing my insecurities and feeling blocked, wondering what the heck I am doing feeling small and collapsing inward, then working my way back into expansion and self-confidence…knowing fully the journey back to Saturn is inevitable.

On the other side of the moon is Lilith, the primal and intuitive feminine. She beckons us into blooming in a different way, one that focuses on the expanse of our wildness rather than lofty ideals. In addition, she represents an element of the oppressed as the witch and wild woman. Trine the moon is also Eris and Uranus shedding consciousness on the unconscious “shadow other” such as communities of color, immigrants or other marginalized groups. This Eris/Uranus combination continuing to unfold into our awareness with the Pluto square.

The square to Neptune can muddy the lines of reality and fantasy while clearing illusions. Honor this full moon by feeling big, then feeling small. Noticing the places we feel limits and possible oppression as well as our expanse and optimism. Appreciate and celebrate yourself, the places you are light and heavy. Explore philosophical ideals and truth while honoring limits and boundaries. Both Saturn and Sagittarius beckon us into wisdom, the meeting place of meaning. And of course, don’t forget to stop to smell the roses.

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