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Love & Lost :: Taurus Full Moon


FULL MOON 12 DEGREES TAURUS Friday, November 3, 2017 or Saturday, November 4 Friday 10:23 p.m. PDT/Saturday 2:23 a.m. EDT *Trine Neptune *Square Ceres *Sextile Juno

Whelp, the full moon came and went last week and I was traveling and in such overwhelm mode (Neptune) I didn't post in time as I just couldn't find my flow (Neptune). In all honesty, I write these newsletters often before I am fully able to feel the theme of the full moon. My expectation of this full moon was that I was going to feel sensual and sexy (classic Taurus), as it was near my Sun. I couldn't have been more off, this past full moon for me was all about my anxious attachment junk, associated with Ceres (if you aren't well-versed on attachment styles, I highly recommend doing some research, or stay tuned as I am writing one right now applicable for astrology). I was in LA for an event and felt a deep sadness and loneliness around feeling like I don't know how to take care of myself (Ceres insecurity) and felt completely and utterly unloved (Juno). It was brutal and really juicy deep dive that supported the current sun in Scorpio vibes and a revisiting of some of my most painful parts. Um, so I think that is all I will say about that...for now.;)


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