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Health & Harmony :: Libra Full Moon Part Deux


Friday, April 19 @ 4:12 a.m. PST // 7:12 a.m. EST

  • Conjunct Hygeia

  • Conjunct Uranus

Full Moon Names: Pink Moon, Egg Moon, Hare Moon

Plant partners: Orchids, Jasmine, Honeysuckle

Keywords & Themes: harmony, equity, fairness, bridge, legalities, superficiality, balance, justice, legalities, equilibrium, one-on-one relating, beauty, goodness, marriage, partnership, collaboration, complementary, diplomacy, fine art, releasing, letting go


Collective unConscious:

The second Libra Full Moon in a row keeps our hearts aligned with harmonizing with the heavens. Libra acts as a bridge to others and parts of ourselves because it approaches two sides equally and leans towards complementarity and balance. The shadow side of Libra energy often leans into codependency or superficiality without much depth. Making decisions in our relationships, friends, family, and romantic, based on others' needs or response is a red flag of codependency. Something that may happen very unconsciously when Libra gets stuck in diplomacy instead of connecting to its own equilibrium.

This full moon balances at the 29th degree suggesting a tipping point into completing this past lunar cycle in a major way. Pay attention to themes surrounding legalities or new partnerships that arise both business and romantic. New relationships or collaborations could be ideal to begin at this time as long as they feel equal and complementary (both key Libra words).

Hygiea, the asteroid of physical well-being and illness prevention sits right next to the full moon and adds a theme of health to the cosmic soup. In Taurus it reminds us that the best way to keep up with our health routines has to do with connecting to the pleasures in life. However, the placement in our natal chart offers clues about what key elements of our life need to be in place for ideal well-being.

Uranus in Taurus, or Tauranus as my prefered term, sits in conjunction as well with the full moon awakening or offering creative insight into our patterns of relating or health. With Uranus we can expect something unexpected or creative while also navigating restlessness or a bit of weird.;) These planetary combinations are great for reorienting to relationship both one-on-one and community in new ways that bring about greater health and harmony to all involved.

Individual Integration:

Physical // Try an exercise class (Uranus likes community) you've never been to perhaps dance or pilates...or barre.

Intellectual // Read up on codependency patterns to bring more awareness about how you may or may not reveal them.

Emotional // Keep tabs on how you feel instead of catering automatically to someone else...looking at you people pleasers.

Spiritual // Libra is a bridge between heaven and earth, and may have difficulty letting go, revisit your own relationship to releasing. I also love alternate nostril breathing as a way to balance the breath and slow down.

Astro Eye:

Mercury conjunct Chiron // speaking to the wounds, or writing about them

Mars square Neptune // focusing on aligned action versus compulsive

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