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Wild & Witty Wisdom :: Gemini Full Moon


Wednesday, December 12 @ 9:12 p.m. PT/12:12 p.m. ET *conjunct Pallas Athene

*square Neptune

*square Black Moon Lilith

Keywords/Themes/Unconscious needs: Wisdom, need to communicate emotions, thought, conceptualize, understand, clever, alchemy, articulate, teacher, people at home to talk to, pattern recognition, understand, write, Duality of heart/mind or intuition/strategy, thief, pirate, sibling, learning

Elevated Expressions: curious, witty, chatty, adaptable

Detrimental/Shadow Expressions: distracted, head-in-the-clouds, know-it-all, scattered

Collective unConscious:

The last full moon of the decade occurs on 12/12 at 12:12 pm ET in the sign of the twins Gemini. Just like the brain with two twin sides, Gemini represents two that are actually one. Indeed it's a moment of magic as we complete this last lunar cycle of 2019.

Gemini moon is curious about the emotions though may over-intellectualize them. While Gemini is associated with the planet Mercury, I also believe it has close ties to the asteroid Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom. This full moon it also sits next to the Moon adding an extra witty and chatty boost. The twins of Gemini represent two sides and duality, psychologically speaking it may be where we split ourselves as a defense mechanism. Be wary of black-and-white thinking or all-or-nothing thoughts as it directly points to a split in the psyche of being able to hold a cohesive wholeness within oneself.

Squaring the luna is Black Moon Lilith and Neptune, planetary bodies that connect us to wildness and out mysticism. Lilith represents the instinctual and feral self, aka the witchy woman, and squaring the moon can bring up some undiscovered untamed aspects of self and emotions. With Neptune we may have a hard time discerning reality with some confusion about how we feel.

Gemini energy makes us feel socially excited though combining with Neptune we may feel easily overwhelmed and sensitive. Tap into your wildness through connecting to Lilith and grounding into your Earthy body with all the air sign energy.

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