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enVisioning Earth 2020

I'm sitting in my apartment concerned how I'm going to pay rent, feed myself and my cat, pay my bills, have a business. And I realize many others may be in a similar boat, the uncertainty and inevitable change can bring up a lot. Though I feel I have been preparing for quarantine for the past year...slowing down, noticing more pain in my body, fewer hours with other. I've been living into this new reality and not even realizing it, wondering where to find happiness and how in a reality that feels like it's shifting quickly with or without me understanding how or why.

I'm finding solace in visioning what life could look like in the future. How society could orient and evolve in new ways honoring different values.

Here's what I want with all my heart:

  • universal basic income of $1000 a month, people can opt out or apply for more if they are below poverty level for their area (in the Bay Area I would love for it to be closer to $2000)

  • healthcare for altaken out of taxes of those making more than $1 million a year

  • many more clothing subscriptions such as Rent the Runway and Nuuly to reduce people buying new clothes and shopping fast fashion

  • one week quarterly where everything shuts down for us to slow down, be alone or with loved ones, not work and reconnect to ourselves and Earth

  • limit number of one-time use plastics that can be produced every year by company

  • reduce airline travel, no more commuting to different cities for work every week, stop wasting so many carbon emissions on airplanes. Find excitement in the mundane

  • allow those who are able to work from home at least one day a eek to cut don on traffic

  • schools have required art and music education courses and extra long recesses, kids deserve to play

  • teachers and nurses make more than tech employees

  • most major companies become co-ops where employees also have a say and receive extra profits

  • a government with equal parts women, men, and those who identify outside the binary

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