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Astrological Considerations for Home

As the Sun makes its annual move through the sign of Cancer we may feel the pull towards a place of belonging and comfort. The question of home is complex, but our natal astrology chart can certainly offer clues to the coziness we desire.

When deciding on a great place to live or travel, there are many more considerations than just astrocartography and that we can be happy anywhere. As many are moving and planning summer travel, I wanted to pop into your feed as a reminder not to take the astrocartography lines too seriously.;) Here are other things to think about as well...

Consider comes from the word divine from the stars, which to me is an optimal way to figure things out.;) Locational astrology has become increasingly more popular with many relocating because of COVID or traveling.


Factors to consider in locational astrology:

  • Astrocartography or astromapping - combining lines of latitude and longitude and degrees of the zodiac to determine where certain planets become more prominent in different location. It was created by Jim Lewis in the 1970s. This technique can be beyond helpful for also understanding why certain places may have such different experiences for different people. Example: In Las Vegas I have a Sun line, I love it there...others may find it overwhelming or uninteresting, whereas I feel shiny and energized.

  • Geodetics - a system of lines across the Earth created by Joyce Wehrman, establishing the Greenwich as zero degrees Aries as the ascendant and moving around the Earth with lines of longitude. In this system the East Coast of the United States is connected to the sign of Capricorn, a sign known for its security and structure. Whereas most of the U.S. has Sagittarius, think big box stores and large trucks.;)

  • Transits - your personal transits are great markers for what lines you may feel called to spend time on or where great growth can occur. If you are having a Neptune transit to your Moon, you may crave somewhere with more water or needing somewhere more grounding.

  • Natal Moon Needs - the moon in your natal chart suggests the way home feels to you. Do you need to be near water? Nature? City life? Our natal moon gives us important information about what feels familiar and good to us as it mirrors our early nurturing. An Aries moon may crave living near mountains, though it may also be in aspect to Neptune suggesting the need for water.

  • Connections and Community - people make a place feel like home, having family or friends in an area also makes a place feel sweet. Example: I have what might be considered "difficult" lines in the Bay Area, but after 10 years here the people have become what makes this place make my heart sing.

  • Chart of the City or Country - Cities and countries have their own birthdays of when they officially became a city, an example would be San Francisco, I did an analysis here. This chart may have similar archetypal patterns of someone's natal chart or could be used as a synastry comparison. Example: The chart of SF has the Sun near the planet Uranus, I often see this same planetary combination in my clients in the Bay Area.

  • Progressed Moon - Every two and a half years we go through lunar cycles called Secondary Progressions that impact aspects of our inner world and home life. During these phases our home life may need to change or evolve to fit a new version of our internal world. The shift from a Virgo progressed moon to a Libra progressed moon may be marked by feeling more social.

  • Relocation Chart - Using your same birth information and using the new location as your birth place at the same moment. If you were born at 12 p.m. Eastern Time and move to the West coast with 9 a.m. birth time, the placement of the planets may shift your focus in that location.


While this post focuses on home, the lines for travel or work would vary. The most important thing is that you can live a happy, fulfilled life anywhere. These considerations may help you align more with certain energies but are not the end all be all. Astrology serves the soul best when it leaves space for the mystery.;)


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