>My dogma

>Anyone who knows much about me, knows I adore my dog Taz. Not only is he one of the most kind souls to grace the planet, but he's great at Hide and Seek! (Seriously though, he's really good.) I'm a reporter for SpringsTV (government access station) and had the opportunity to do a story about dog feces in parks (yes, you read it correctly, it means the same thing as excrement). Apparently it has become a rather large issue, so Taz and I did a story to address it and encourage anyone who utilizes the wonderful parks in Colorado Springs to clean up after his/her pet.

In his first cameo he is posing majestically for the camera and the second strong arming me on a walk. Enjoy!

http://www.springsgov.com/Page.asp?NavID=6445 (click on "Click here to watch" and then it is about 10 minutes and 13 seconds in.)

Today I'm thankful for: Big League Chew, slumber parties, and trashy magazines that occupy me in the grocery line.