>Hello mates!

> I've been enjoying the London lifestyle now for two days and learning all sorts of wonderful slang to take back to the U.S. Watch out, chavs!! So far the highlight has been catching up with "hot Canada boy" (Nicco). Realized this year we celebrate 10 years since we met on a boat in the Caribbean, how time flies...whenever I seem him though it feels as if nothing has changed. As if I have stayed exactly the same. Only I realized this time, that's not true at all.
Today I enjoyed dinner at an amazing Indian restaurant near Hyde Park after leaving Nicco's residence. For the first time in my life I went to dinner alone and didn't feel I needed to distract myself with something - no phone, no book, nothing. It was absolute perfection. How wonderful to enjoy my own company in such a way. I couldn't have done that a few years ago. I drive a lot of times without the radio and enjoy the silence. When did I become so peaceful and just at home on my own? (Rhyme intentional by the way.)

What an incredible life I lead where I no longer feel a slave to proving myself to anyone and enjoy the company of me. I can just be so present in the moment that everything feels amazing and I can actually do what I'm doing instead of thinking or worrying about being or doing something else. That is quite possibly the greatest gift to ever receive, and I gave it to myself. =)

Today I'm grateful for mango lassis, H&M!!!!, and Nicco.