>Take it from me...size matters!

>So the age old question still stands, "Does size matter?" I have often contemplated this (okay, not really "often," just after a particularly intriguing Sex and the City episode or after occasional conversations with some of my girlfriends), but have yet to answer it. I'm beginning to think it does, but not in the same way I used to...

A delightful ditty by Natasha Bedingfield, appropriately titled "Size Matters," offers an excellent explanation that reflects my sentiments exactly. Here's a blurb:
"Random acts of kindness flow; Like compassion from a hand I like to hold;
It does it for me and I can't get enough; Oh...don't confuse me when I say;
Oh don't take this the wrong way; You can lead a heart to love;
But you can't make it fall; I'm tired of loving small because;
Size matters, but not how you think; I'm talking about your heart;
and what you do with it."

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen...size does matter, but not how you think...I'm talking about your heart and what you do with it. The size of someone's heart turns me on considerably more than the size of his...um...er, car. :) And that settles that, indeed.

Today I'm grateful for rental cars, butterflies, and guac.