>Kleinermuffinaenlicherkuchennacht! (small muffin cake love night)


Last week I made cupcakes with a close friend of mine, she bought me a cupcake recipe book and it was imperative that we baked a batch, or several. We opted for rose cupcakes (exotic) and chocolate with caramel in the middle (sticky and sweet). This was all accomplished while listening to seductive music and drinking wine. Yes, it was all too easy to fall in love with a baked good under such circumstances.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so crazy about this delicacy called the cupcake. I like them so much I want other foods to taste like them. Case in point my Cold Stone Ice Cream selection, I always get Cake Batter ice cream and rainbow sprinkles. An almost exact replica.

It's a rather simple food, cake and frosting, but it drives me wild - to the point of insanity. So, in attempts to figure it out I am going to eat a cupcake and write this blog in hopes of disbanding the mystery of my cupcake love. Here are the reasons I have came up with:

* The disporportionate amout of frosting to the amount of cake.
* Feels like I'm eating two cupcakes to one piece of cake, thereby saving calories
* They're cute.
* They're colorful.
* The sheer variety can be astounding!
* Sugar (enough said).

What's great about my obsession with cupcakes is that I'm not alone. There are entire Web sites devoted to them and even cupcake food chains around the nation! Indeed kleinermuffinaenlicherkuchen inflicts many!

Today I'm grateful for frosting, sprinkles and ovens. (predictable indeed!)