>My best idea EVER


Let us recap my first official day of retirement (or as I will fondly refer to as "My best idea ever"), the time is currently 11:59 and I just walked in the door from what can only be described as my first day living full-time:

I spent the early morning hours of my first Monday unemployed (er, um I mean retired) at a slumber party with one of my closest friends in Denver. We stayed up late watching stupid shows on MTV and complaining about boys.

As if this weren't fun enough I became a "lady who brunches" (and lunches, and whatever else fun to do with a meal) with a good friend from high school at Le Peep (insert lip smack here). After a rivoting meal complete with a smoothie and gooey buns I headed off to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. I literally spent two hours watching butterflies do what they do best: fly and be beautiful.
Oh and it gets better...Hung out with my sister and played a wicked tennis match in the sweltering heat in our sports bras (yet again another grand excuse not to wear clothes, I love it). We were indeed a Swedish version of the Williams sisters. After being productive for an hour afterwards I headed over to Cold Stone near her house and had Cake Batter with rainbow sprinkles (this combination mentioned in an earlier post that explains my cupcake addiction) for dinner. Yes folks, dinner - because only the truly retired can get away with stuff like this without making ourselves feel guilty.

Once I watched children play in a nearby fountain while eating my ice cream I finished and bought a nice new yoga mat. I have wanted a new one for ages and wanted a purple one to match my third eye chakra (no comment here, just let me have my reasons). After staring at my new mat for several minutes I walked back to my car and took off for my Landmark Seminar, so conveniently titled "Living Passionately." (After my day today I'm confident I could design the course.)

Which brings me to this moment sitting at my computer sharing it with the World Wide Web and gearing up for another day of my best idea EVER.

Today I'm grateful for sisters, my car, and butterflies.