>Ain't life grand?

>Today is Grandparents' Day. I sent my grandparents an Ecard and am taking note that next year it will be via a form of communication that they can relate to more. I do adore them and don't seem them very often, but there's something really special about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.

Pretty much I'm just relieved that no matter what phase of life I'm in I will get a holiday. It boils down to that I love holidays, particularly unpopular ones. Last year two of the most fun days of 2007 were Talk Like a Pirate Day (I wore an eye patch and brought a plastic parrot to work) and Caramel Apple Day (I bought and ate two nutty, caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory).

Join me next month when I celebrate National Mole Day by having a dermatologist appointment on October 11 or National Evaluate Your Life Day on October 19 when I have another quarter-life crisis. ;)

Today I'm grateful for Sundays, my new journal and grandparents (of course)!