>Behold the beet!

> I have a new nemesis...behold the beet! Don't let its innocent look fool you - this vegetable has a thick skin, really. I have many a blisters the past few days from peeling and slices these little boogers. My experience at the ashram continues, the work is picking up and my meditation and yoga practices have increased drastically. We spend several shifts per week preparing food for meals and it includes hours and hours of slicing, dicing, and nicing (I just needed something else to rhyme here).

I hardly look like the same woman as before I left - my hands are weathered (full of blisters and a dog bite that occured yesterday), my hair unkept (per usual), and my heart soaring (okay, not quite yet, but I'm told it will happen).

Today I'm grateful for homemade gingerbread, Roastaroma tea, and a shower!!!