>Mean, green smoothie drinking machine!


People keep asking me how I've changed since the experience at the ashram. Apparently I'm still just as nerdy and from the outside look exactly the same (besides the beam of white light coming from my forehead of course). It's more of a transformation - nothing has really changed (wow, now I really sound like Landmark).
My transformation was purely based on my priorities and a new way of looking at life and myself. I identify with myself very differently than I did before. My days aren't comprised of to do lists (okay for the most part, old habits die hard), but rather optional activities I can do if I find time between meditating, doing yoga, working and just being present.
If I had to pick something visually that has changed it would be my diet, particularly the green smoothies I make almost every morning. I get excited to put fresh ginger, kale, spinach, mint, and banana into a blender to chug. (Just when I thought my days of chugging were over!?) I feel and look great (if I may say so myself) thanks to these mean, green smoothies! It was the Greens for Life book that significantly impacted my diet. I'm not ready to go completely raw, but I am ready to focus on eating a ton more leafy greens and enjoy it!
Today I'm grateful for blenders, kale, and ginger (can you tell I'm enjoying a smoothie right now).