>Wu wei, the action of non-action

>Since my return to Yogaville I'm reminded of the concept Wu Wei. When pronounced similary to a line in Fergie's song "Fergalicious," although I doubt it's a reference unless she reads the Tao. (I'm hesitant to demonstrate how well I know this song, but here it goes..."I be up in the gym just working on my fitness, he's my witness (oooh wee)..."

It's the art of non-doing, which is spontaneous and effortless. No laziness or passive, rather, the experience of going with the grain or swimming with the current. Our contemporary expression, "going with the flow," directly expresses this fundamental Taoist principle, which in its most basic form refers to behavior occurring in response to the flow of the Tao (the Way).

It's one of the basises of the Tao and one I struggle with the most. I'm so used to accomplishing things by rushing around, writing to-do lists, fitting something into every last minutes of my day before I fall asleep. This way of living doesn't accomplish as much because I'm constantly chasing after something, instead of allowing it to chase after me (much more fun, obviously). Who doesn't want to be chased by jobs, men and the likes?

Once I leave yet again, this is the concept I most want to bring back with me. Plus, what a wonderful excuse to play "Fergalicious" as often as possible. (As if I needed one.)

Today I'm grateful for Holiday Cookie hot tea, chilly weather, and the anticipation of shopping.