>Life in the fast lane


Yes I would say I live life in the fast lane...I go to express checkout lanes at the grocery store, I go 5 mph over the posted speed limit, and yes, sometimes speak so quickly I hardly understand myself. Finally this wild and crazy lifestyle of mine (please note sarcasm) has finally paid off as I have been offered a job as a speed dating hostess.

Oddly enough I went to one of this particular company's events almost exactly two years ago. After I was left at a restaurant in Los Angeles by my somewhat boyfriend I came back home after the crushing dumping procedure (note to men - Post-It notes are far better than this method) and went to an event with a group of girls. The evening was lovely, including the man who asked for my hand in marriage and told me about his pet python (still don't know if this is a sexual innuendo I missed at the time, I was younger and far more naive).
Anyhow (please for God's sake don't say "anyhoo," I don't care who you are), I'm still uncertain as to whether or not in my role the emphasis will be on "speed" or "dating." (Sorry, sounds funnier in my head.) Hope to see you at the events, in the meantime...please call me "Speed Match," as in Speedy Matchmaker. ;)
Today I'm grateful for holiday lights, knowing my worth, and becoming a matchmaker. ;)