> Every year I struggle with the same social battles around the holidays - Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays. I am soooo that grumpy woman who says, "Happy holidays" back to the lighthearted elderly man ringing the Salvation Army bell who kindly says, "Merry Christmas." For years I've reacted the same way and to this day I'm unsure what exactly makes me feel so defensive about it.

For some reason when I hear someone say, "Merry Christmas," instead I hear, "You are Christian and you just don't know it." There are theories that Christmas was actually scheduled around a Pagan holiday (solstice), to help Pagans adapt after changing religions. (Holiday origination fascinates me.) I completely acknowledge majority of Americans celebrate Christmas; however, I don't like assuming everyone does. Some people call it PC, I prefer wanting to just be inclusive and not have anyone feel left out, which I assume they already do if they get told Merry Christmas all the time.
What's funny to me is that the actually root words of Christianity I believe in and love, for some reason what it has stood for in the past hundred years is what pushes me away. I believe Jesus lived and was an extraordinary human being, like the Buddha or Mohammed. Christ comes from the Greek word, christos (sp?) meaning light and lord comes from Armanian (sp?) word meaning life. I can't think of more beautiful words to represent this season - light and life.
Okay, really this post serves no other purpose than to apologize for being a Scrooge, and second to wish you a Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas...whichever you prefer. =)

Today I'm grateful for holiday cards, fireplaces, and cookie tea.