>Reflections for a new year


Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all." I'm certainly with Helen on this one. 2008 brought plenty of adventure...and a lot of surprises, some I enjoyed more than others. This post serves as an acknowledgement to the things that happened, and those that didn't (such as still not living in Denver). Below are several highlights, and lowlights, I felt inclined to share...

*Moved in with my parents, learned basement dwelling isn't as bad as previously thought.
*Took trip back to town where I grew up - some things never change, such as small towns in the middle of nowhere in Germany.
*Lost my best friend and found out the guy I was seeing was married within one week - heart still aches on this one.
*Visited ashram and learned what skill it takes to do less and live more.
*Fell in love, and then returned to reality.
*Quit my job to pursue something more meaningful and have found just being alive gives me enough.
*How easy it is to be single and how full my life is already.
My top lessons from 2008 include:
*Learning to love the unknown
*Key to living is to be more of a human being, than human doing
*When you follow your dreams the universe/God/the Source takes care of the rest
*Everything is exactly as it should be - pure perfection.
2008 was the year I embraced the unknown and not knowing. Scary stuff, but also incredibly rewarding. It got me the opportunity to meet Rider Strong, didn't it? Hope your 2009 is full of much love, light...and adventure!
Today I'm grateful for concerts, staying up until 3 a.m., and optimism for the New Year.