>Yes! Yes! Yes!


On a windy afternoon having accomplished everything I deemed necessary for the day (the beauty of being unemployed), I headed to Tinseltown to see "Yes Man." It's total hit or miss for me with Jim Carrey and I have to say I rather enjoyed this hit. Proved a very valid point I've set for myself as well. So often I find myself wanting to say no about something and when I really look at my logic it doesn't make sense besides simply not being a "yes" to life.

I give myself credit for being a yes woman the past year or so and can say my life has significantly become more joyful. Would I like to quit my job? Yes. How about work at a winery? Sure. In the movie the main female character Allison has a running club where they take pictures. Alas, I couldn't resist the temptation and have attached photos of my running photog experience.

I acknowledge being a yes to life takes courage. It's important to know when you're saying yes for the right reasons. When I say no to something, such as, "Would you like to be on Paris Hilton's new BFF show?" I look at why I say no. If it's out of resistance or silly concerns, yes becomes more possible. In instances such as above, no becomes the most obvious answer.
Here's to being a yes to life, to love, to taking photos while running.

Today I'm grateful for lazy afternoons, sweatpants, and yogic spirals.