>Looking on the bright side


So, this weekend my grandparents visited and I spent the entire time figuring out what really makes us so different. (Other than hair color and birth year of course.) After only two days it became glaringly obvious what not only differentiates me from them, but from other people who are more conservative. Drumroll please...it's my pure optimism.

The sunflower does the same thing, and always faces the sun and is therefore "enlightened." (yes, I totally just made this up and realize it's only a theory.) Being liberal/Democratic/hippie, I believe all things are possible. I believe marriage won't be ruined by the legalization of homosexual marriage. I believe and trust government to make informed decisions and put taxes to good use. I believe in the goodness of people and the possibility of peace being possible without weapons or war. Most of all I believe in the goodness of people and that there's a place for everyone at the table and in the world.
Even this recession has brought about a lot of really great things. People are getting back to basics, cutting down on consumption, and spending more time at home together. My grandparents tell me as I get older I will become more realistic, I tell them I hope I'll always look on the bright side.
Today I'm grateful for late night runs, coconut yogurt, and my pottery class.