>It takes balls...


...to be a ball person ("ball boy" is so 2006, many are young girls now). Balls as in guts, but not so much the human anatomy part. I was watching part of the Australian Open and noticed what a fascinating job it must be. Yes, I realize today is the Super Bowl and I should be discussing that classica American sport. Besides my stint as QB for the sorority football team, I feel much more attached to tennis. I was high school tennis captain and #3 singles you know, which is not impressive in and of itself and then considering all the seniors were captain and I'm pretty sure no one wanted to play singles anyway.
Ah yes, back to balls (always wanted to say that). It's incredibly awkward looking with the motions, odd jobs, and secret codes. I did notice they seem to now stand instead of squat, someone must have finally complained about knee pain. I can imagine the career life can't be very long until knee issues begin to act up. What I'm most curious about is how one gets such a job. I for one, wouldn't mind getting closer to Andy Roddick, even if our only means of communication would be about balls.
Today I'm grateful for Super Bowl commercials, pancakes, and the week ahead of fun.