That's right, you heard (um...er saw me type)...bingo. That's how I spend my lovely Tuesday evening. I make a concerted effort to do something new everyday and it just so happened on Feb. 3 this new thing was bingo - in public. It was more thrilling than expected. I admired the lovely bingo bags meant to carry blotters. I allowed myself to get excited when I only had three spaces left at the $4,600 bingo game. I reveled in the murmurs when someone was getting close to yelling bingo. And yes, I even enjoyed bingo hall cuisine of Reese's cups and Hot Tamales. Better yet, all of the two hours of fun for $10. How cool that the money I spend went somewhere. This particular night it benefited the Aerial gymnastics group. What a joy it is to be alive and have the opportunity to enjoy bingo and Reese's in a single sitting.
Today I'm grateful for my camera, my creativity, and bingo.