>Reasons and excuses

>This morning during my volunteer time (yes, I am a good person and use my unemployment time productively), there was a pamphlet given as a joke to a woman in the office called "101 Ways to Say No to Sex." It wouldn't be a month of love if I didn't share...Some of the ideas made me giggle:

-My favorite show's on now. (What, the Hills? grow up!)
-I want to be loved, not make love. (Who decided they were mutually exlusive?)
-You're crazy. (Where do you live to be able to tell people this?)
-I love someone else. (it's not a marriage proposal)
-I've got homework. (if that's all you can come up, stick to that and you'll end up like me)
-I'm allergic to sex. (You mean latex, must be confused...they do rhyme.)

I find it odd we encourage excuses and reasons. Come on now, honest is the best policy...How's about what I use..."no, I'm trying to quit."

Today I'm grateful for dance classes, good hair days, and concerts.