>Recession depression

> It's no coincidence these two words rhyme. However, I'm still not ready to give into the depression part. As humans our mammalian brain thrives on discontent and conflict. The media seems to feed this,although with people, and then a rucus begins. Our market isn't built to overcome individual fears, but our hopes. America was built this way and our economy is no different.

As in most things in life, an easy way and a difficult way emerges. The recession appears no different. We can complain and gripe about the situation (that's the easy way in case you haven't noticed) or we can discuss it in a way that empowers us to learn from it, move on, and be positive (slightly more difficult). Lately it seems like such an excuse for people and it's driving me batty. People always find money for quality products and services (or people for that matter), always. You get to decide if the recession will be bitter or sweet for you.

More millionaires are made during recessions, talk about people who are positive enough to make a difference and not sit back and groan! Recessions continue to be a normal cycle of economies, so here are our choices:

A. Be sad and depressed (which I was briefly the other day and have stopped)
B. Accept it and move on to focusing on something more worthwhile
C. Don't do anything

I like B. - not just because it stands for "Becky" and "best" - it tastes the sweetest.

Today I'm grateful for people cutting back on consumption, my pole dancing class, and fun weekend plans that don't involve whining. =)