>Watch out!


I just saw a Wayne Dyer movie last week and he inspires me more than the idea of a dozen cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles without calories. His new movie (by new, it came out last August for those of us who seem to periodically disappear from society) Ambition to Meaning really called to me about looking at my next career move as a way to give meaning to my life. Since I've been unemployed I've realized how much identity I had with my job. Now that I don't have it and don't know what an identity as a "speed dating hostess" would feel like it is an entirely blank slate. One I'm ready to begin filling up with experiences that fulfill me and serve a worldly purpose.

In the movie he discusses people's priorities before and after some sort of "quantum moment" (spiritual experience for those of you not studying quantum physics on your weekends). As if we needed further proof of difference between men and women, a study studied - yes that has redundancy I'm unwilling to fix - how men and women's values change after such experiences. For the women in the study the things they valued most before a quantum moment were, in order: family, independence, career, fitting in, and attractiveness.

If that doesn't demonstrate the pulling and tugging of women in such competing directions I don't know what does. We want family, but want to be independent. We want to fit in and have a good career...goodness gracious, no wonder women get so stressed! Here's the good news...after a quantum moment women reported their values as: growth (I am assuming self, not height, although it wasnt' said), self-esteem, spirituality, happiness, and forgiveness.
For men I didn't remember it as well, but it the list started with accumulating wealth, being a part of the "boys" group, and having adventure. After such a spiritual experience it become spirituality, family, and following the will of a higher power.
The study particularly intrigued me because I've felt somewhat distant from my friends since I got back from the ashram. I really couldn't pinpoint what had changed and then realized it was my values. I'm more committed to my connection with something bigger than myself and having the kind of happiness and joy that comes from serving others and not addictive behaviors I used to have such as shopping or spending time stalking people online. Watch out world, there's a new lady in town and she would rather listen to a 60-year old spiritual teacher than date.
P.S. I have no idea why I chose this picture to accompany this post, it reminded me of my spirituality and how it sheds light onto everything I do.
Today I'm grateful for brunch with Terri, my upcoming trip to Napa, and clean water.