>Hippie stuck in sorority girl


Last week I had a rather astute realization (the picture left is of me realizing a painting a like). I have these two competing sides of me that not only confuse myself, but also most people I know as well. Are you ready for this...I'm obviously a hippie stuck inside a sorority girl. That explains everything, including why I didn't ever really feel like I fit into my sorority and why I don't look like a lot of hippies I know. While I don't really enjoy showering that much, I still do it on a somewhat regular basis. And I have some flowy, long skirts and dresses, I much prefer shopping at Express and Victoria Secret.
Further evidence of my split personalities (did I mention I'm also a Gemini)...I don't ever blow dry my hair or do anything with it, but get really expensive haircuts. I can't stand long fingernails or toenails, but get a pedi once a month to set a spiritual intention. (Is that kooky or what?) While I don't say things like "daddie-o," I have been known to throw around, "be there or be square." I believe the rich should get richer, but only if they are helping others along the way. I read Marie Claire and Yoga Journal at the same time and alternate between expensive bottled water and my clunky metal waterbottle.
It's great to be Becky, but I must ask...which came first? The hippie or the sorority?
Today I'm grateful for tea, job interviews, and my own apartment any day now!