>All my life, or least since I can remember that faithful day in Paris, I have been scared of escalators. I realize it sounds silly, but today I was reminded why traveling sometimes unnerves me...airports have too many moving platforms, escalators, things, etc. When I was in DIA getting ready to fly to San Fran to enjoy time in Napa, there was a young girl who was nervous about getting on as well. I was incredibly relieved and almost wanted to yell at her mother for making her.

When I was studying in Paris in college, I was in the Metro (subway) and someone's luggage got stuck on the moving platform. A group of about 50 of us got smushed and practically trampled - gives me nightmares still to this day on occasion. Whenever I get on any moving thingy (I can't come up with a better noun at this point), I get really nervous and usually avoid it by hauling my suitcase up the stairs instead. Sometimes this is an effort to get some exercise, other times simply out of avoidance.

So yes, my escalaphobic confession is out - it may be childish, but I consider myself young at heart and escalaphobia can last a lifetime.

Today I'm grateful for stairs, my safe trip to Napa, and public transit.