>Late bloomer


Seeing as how spring has already sprung last week and I'm just now getting to this post, which provides only further evidence of my late blooming status, it only seemed appropriate to discuss the late blooming phenomenom. Does it even exist? Is there really such thing as a "late bloomer?" I'm hoping your answers to these questions are no because then I will no further reason to continue to wait on "blossoming" with larger boobs. (Although calling them "breasts" would make me sound more mature.)
The term "late bloomer" seems to describe someone with an immaturity in some area comparing the bulbs in spring who bloomer later than the rest. To some extent this describes me...people always tell me how much prettier I am now than in high school and even college (ouch, that was only five years ago!) and I "grew" an entire inch when I was 23.
For the sake of sharing, the tulips pictured are my favorite variety and they bloom after all the others. But really, who gets decide early and late? The seasons? The age? Pish posh I say, it's all in the brilliance of the beautiful bloom. Good things are worth waiting for.

Today I'm grateful for spring, slight breeze, and yoga outside.