>The wheels on the bus...


A few weeks ago in preparation for Earth Day, I rode the city bus for the first time, which is a confession of sorts since I claim to be somewhat of an environmentalist. When I travel I use public transportation, but something about having my car so close tempts me. It took me three hours to get to the Citadel Mall to use one of my freebie underwear coupons and back. On my way home from the bus stop it began raining and I missed my car and was ready for the comfort of my house without so many strangers around me.
What I seemed to have missed was appreciating the camaraderie while I was there, all these people were together on a bus and I saw strangers of all ethnicities and socio-economic statuses carrying on conversations. The bus driver said hello to everyone who came on and everyone who left said thank you. The most touching moment of the experience was when an obviously homeless woman gave me her transfer pass. Being a bus newbie I didn't realize you could have a transfer pass to get on a new bus with a different route. As I was getting on the woman saw my confusion and offered me hers.
It hit me later how little separates me from the people on the bus, a lot of them without cars for monetary reasons, or without homes because of unfortunate circumstances. If it weren't for my parents and a shrinking savings account I would and could be them, looking for the wheels on the bus every day, instead of once on a blue bus.
Today I'm grateful for my car, sunshine, and my kitties.