>Month of money

> Every April it only feels natural in our society to focus on money - tax season arrives without fail every year at the same time! This year I wish it had never come - I owe money, am unemployed and wanting to move. It really makes me examine my relationship with our beloved currency. Over the past few years it has certainly gone from bad, to worse, to okay, to in between to where I am now. I don't have the money I want in terms of stability and saving and investments somedays I really freak out about how I am going to make everything work financially.
Then those moments of clarity arise and I remember I'm not my money - what I owe or have or spend. I realize in the moment of where I am all is wonderful. There is a roof over my head (thank goodness, especially today since it was snowing), food in my belly and clothing on my back. The rest are just details and I work hard to remind myself of that a lot.
Lately I get really put off when people say they can't afford something. It really isn't a matter of affording it or not...it is more about what we choose to invest in or not. We afford what we want to afford. If someone really wants something, we find a way to get it.
That being said I have money for what I want and if not, I'm learning to wait until I do. Money is a tool and can do a lot of good, but having it or not doesn't define me. I define me, and then the money will follow.

Today I'm grateful for my small, but substantial savings account, starting new, and IRS (okay, only sometimes the last one).