>Impressions of (and from) a shopaholic


I saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic" this weekend at the $1.50 cinema (guess I've changed more than I thought). The book was certainly not different than most "chick lit" hits, but this one hit right on the money, if you will. Besides having the same name and obvious good taste in clothing, I could completely relate to the main character Rebecca Bloomwood. Let's just say in the past I have certainly had a credit card/debting problem and was even a member of Debtors Anonymous for an undisclosed amount of time. Looking back the problem seems so obvious, my money issues had nothing to do with money. Shopping and spending money filled a void in my life of happiness/excitement/power and the like that appears to in many forms for different people.

The void has since been filled with my commitment to wanting to make a difference and having purpose in my life that I so desperately lacked even several months ago. Guess you could say I'm beginning to act my "wage." Having this filled, I don't need as many things, lots of sugar (although I have a feeling this will always be something I desire), attention from men, or anyof the other ways this gap can show up in my life. Nowadays when I feel that all too familiar sense of lack or loneliness it is filled with going back to what I stand for and what really matters - love, joy, and vitality.

Final impressions from a shopaholic - find something else to invest in. Money doesn't grow on sprees.
Today I'm grateful for spending time with Terri, African dance classes, and being punny.