>"Bad" news about King of Pop


I'm still in shock and sad Michael Jackson died yesterday. Mostly for selfish reasons...I have been saving for years to see him in concert and would have killed (or at least threatened to) for tickets to the London shows that were sold out. Madonna and M.J. defined music for me growing up and the scene from Free Willy with his song still gets me teary eyed (nauseating I know). My favorite songs are "Bad" (for obvious reasons I needn't explain), "Man in the Mirror", and lesser known "Liberian Girl."
I would venture to say he was the most famous person on Earth. His music even united nations, yes it did and I have proof. When I first moved to Germany as a youngster I didn't know anyone in my tiny town and I started taking a dance class. The instructor must have had some sort of obsession (as most of us did in the 90s) with M.J. because we danced to one of his songs at every class. If it weren't for that common ground I may not have continued taking the class.

All I can say is that Madonna better live to be at least 200 or I don't know if music will ever be the same.
Today I'm grateful for my apt, Millionaire Mind Intensive, and M.J.