>Look Mom, I'm on the Interweb!

>I would like to publicly address the new (possibly much cooler) word for the Internet, enter "Interweb." While it's an obvious combination of the World Wide Web and Internet I find it very sarcastic and therefore have decided to use it as frequently as I'm able. My first introduction was through Stef a while ago and then more recently in Penn Street Perk with a stranger. If people in my neighbor hood are using it I know it must be hip, and because of my desperate desire to look like I even remotely fit in I have no choice but to adopt the Interweb as my own.

Variations (according to Wikipedia, also found on the Interweb) include interwebz (I can't stand words ending in 'z's), interwibble, and intarwebs. I'll stick with Interweb and capitalize it always.

Today I'm grateful for oat bran, Qigong, and marzipan.