>80s hair ornaments

> I did a double take yesterday when I saw a woman wearing a banana clip (or jaw clip as another way they are known). Aren't those extinct? Thank goodness not it gave me several moments to bask in gratefulness of all things 80s hair ornaments. Most of my close friends know I sleep in a scrunchie. Yes, those large, fabric things worn on wrists when not in use. I used to make them in every color and pattern to match every outfit. They are wonderful to reducing hair breakage whilest sleeping. In my (and 80 hair ornament) defense, sleeping in 80s hair ornaments is completely different from wearing them in public - let alone in business casual attire.

I would also like to draw your attention to other 80s hair ornament such as bandanas and large puffy headbands. These two have also gone by the wayside (besides of course on Rock of Love) and I'm grateful. For heaven sakes just keep the scrunchie!
Today I'm grateful for my scrunchie, Harry Potter, and Dustin.