>Ice cream scoop blooper

> While enjoying the ecclectic musical talent in Denver at UMS (Underground Music Showcase aka South by Southwest of Denver) this weekend I had a purely comical experience with my friend Stef. We were strolling a long on a lovely day admiring the weather and in conversation. Suddenly her ice cream scoop fell right off the cone. We had no idea what to say. After several moments of silence we starting laughing our heads off - finally realizing passerbyers had already done so. We rushed back to the ice cream place and she bought another cone, although I was shocked they charged her...when a five-year old drops a scoop, I'm sure they get one for free.

I realize this story is one of those "had to be there" moments, but I couldn't resist sharing. Particularly since I have a pic of Stef on our way back with her new scoop still feeling sad about her old one.

Today I'm grateful for Sweet Action, cameras, and jazz music.