>Cupcakes for the soul


Nourishing my soul has become a goal of mine everyday, sometimes every hour. When things get tough or we feel confused giving something to our soul can get us out. Chicken Soup for the Soul books figured this out a long time ago. My favorite ways to provide good sustenance include:

  • journal writing
  • reading
  • getting a massage
  • going for a walk or run
  • doing yoga
  • meditating
  • dancing
  • singing in the shower
  • baking
  • talking on phone to favorite people
  • being creative: pottery, collage, etc.
  • time with friends
  • long, slow meals at yummy restaurants
  • petting cats or dogs
  • exploring
  • eating ice cream or cupcakes
  • concerts
  • movies
  • traveling
  • unicorns (picture from plate at Lakeside Waffles)

Today I'm grateful for future, present, and past.