My past several Whole Foods trips have resulted in Kombucha purchases. I'm intrigued by this flavorful, carbonated, yumminess of a tea. How can a drink (a drink made of bacteria and yeast non the less) accomplish so many things and taste so delectable?? Here are the health benefits to my knowledge - I am sure they extend well beyond this...

-Most commonly reported benefit has been an increase sense of well-being. Not very measureable, and I'll take it!
-Natural source of many nutrients such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and minerals.
-Contains live cultures for balancing friendly bacteria in the intestinal track.
-Several acids that detox, rebuild, and have antibiotic qualities.

There you have it folks, my not very well researched or long list of benefits, although I realize my blog isn't meant for scientific evidence. While true the drink had have adverse side effects if not fermented properly...I trust Whole Foods to select the best brands for me to imbibe. Benefits or not, this drink tastes yummy and gives me a pick-me-up...what more do you need??
Today I'm grateful for my time at the ashram, Bronco's game tonight, and seeing my parents this weekend.