>Back in the saddle again


Not just any saddle - a beautiful saddle with gold trim, and glamour to boot (similar to the one with Christina Aguilera above). This week my life suddenly became a bucking bronco/crazy carousel ride (complete with being introduced to "Mutton Bustin" story for another time). After a year of retirement I'm now back to working full-time (for a job I love), doing yoga teacher training 10 hours a week, studying, seeing friends, and maintaining good nutritional practices (or at least to the best of my ability).
I'm reminded that yoga and other spiritual practices become obsolete without "real world" testing. It's easy to stay grounded in love and peace when I have time to meditate twice a day. Not so easy when I have to get myself to leave my desk during a stressful afternoon to do it. Now's my practicum to see what I've learned during my retirement. Get myself back into the saddle and on with life.
Today I'm grateful for breakfast burritos, night rides on my bike, and Project Runway.